Diesel & Biofuel Generator Sets

AF-X Reference Genset

Supplier of temporary and permanent high-quality power supply units integrates AF-X Fireblocker extinguishing systems.

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Documents & Valuables Storage

AF-X Reference Janssen Vaccines

Janssen Vaccines, a subsidiary to Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical installs AF-X Fireblocker to protect their patents against fire.

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Digital Infrastructure

AF-X Reference Vodaphone Ziggo

VodafoneZiggo has one of the best infrastructures throughout the world and connects people worldwide. In 2016, when Vodafone and Ziggo merged to become VodafoneZiggo, the headquarters in Amsterdam faced some challenges regarding fire safety.

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AF-X Reference W Hotel

W hotel a five-star luxury hotel in the centre of Amsterdam, boasting rooftop infinity pool and 5 restaurants, one with a Michelin star. In 2015, the W Hotel opened its doors after drastic renovations to an existing building.

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AF-X Reference Machinery

ALE Heavy Lifting was awarded the job of lifting the underground line at Earls Court. Lifting the old underground line reduced the time for ground preparation for building new homes as well as the realisation of Lost River Park by 2 years.

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Bus PSV / Heavy Automobile

AF-X Reference Splashtours

A tour with this unique Splashtours amphibus will be an unforgettable experience. The amphibus will first take you by the most beautiful and unique places in Rotterdam before it makes the spectacular ‘splash’ into the river Maas.

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AF-X Reference Yacht

In conjunction with Drettmann Yachts and Piet Brouwer, two rooms of the BN Dey2403have been installed with an AF-X Fireblocker system. The yacht was completed by Drettmann and delivered to the customer with full CE-mark coverage.

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Renewable Energy

AF-X Reference Wind Turbines

In the event of fire in windmills or wind turbines it is a hopeless task to try and fight it from the ground. Wind turbines are high tech power stations generating electrical power from the wind’s energy. It is in fact a huge dynamo.

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Electrical Switchgear Cabinets

AF-X Reference Indaver

Indaver offers high-quality, sustainable waste management solutions to large scale industry and public authorities. 1,700 employees manage 5 million tonnes of waste per annum, making the company one of Europe’s most important players in sustainable waste management.

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