Press Release

Date: 8th April 2021

Subject: UK Launch

Issued By: Paul Parkes | | 0330 055 3413

Aerosol fire suppression manufacturer AF-X International BV to launch in the UK during April 2021 with AF-X Fireblocker (UK) Ltd.

AF-X Fireblocker an established and proven fire suppression system that blocks fire directly at the ignition source.

The innovative AF-X Fireblocker suppression system is fully automatic and swiftly extinguishes fire. Completely safe for equipment, people and the environment with a dry compound aerosol, without using water or gas or depleting room oxygen content. Therefore, no extinguishing damage, no water damage, no consequential loss, totally safe. Harmless to humans, animals and the environment. So, it is safer, more economical, totally responsible and with a long life.

To be exclusively distributed in the UK by AF-X Fireblocker (UK) Ltd., through appointed and accredited fire specialist companies with installation and maintenance skills, who offer a high level of customer service. Comprehensive engineer training program and ongoing marketing support programme for appointed AF-X Fireblocker Partners.

To hear more about our AF-X Fireblocker Partner Program email; REQUEST DEALER LAUNCH PACK to and an exclusive distributor information pack will be sent out during the UK launch.

Dealer benefits for installing AF-X Fireblocker suppression systems;

  • AF-X aerosol extinguishing systems are extremely cost effective compared to most other suppression systems
  • Uncomplicated parameters resulting in simplified design calculations
  • Quick installation, no piping, pressure cylinders, special supports or valves, offering valuable time, resource and cost savings
  • Space saving, only a fraction of the space required of that needed for cylinder based systems
  • Simple maintenance, no need for pressure testing, weighing, leak detection, etc.
  • Compatible with numerous suppression control panels including, Kentec, Haes, Siemens.
  • Minimal downtime after an activation, off the shelf availability for replacement aerosols installed within a few hours, no bulky and heavy cylinders to remove/refill/replace

Customer benefits for using AF-X Fireblocker suppression systems;

  • AF-X Fireblocker aerosol extinguishing systems are extremely cost-effective compared to most other suppression systems
  • AF-X Fireblocker systems are incredibly compact compared to water or gas suppression systems, as a result, they offer rapid speed of installation and vastly reduced inconvenience to the customer
  • AF-X Fireblocker maintenance costs are substantially lower than for other types of systems
  • Equipment, stock and premises will not be damaged by aerosol extinguishing
  • Room oxygen levels maintained, much safer and less risk to staff
  • Simplified room sealing provisions and integrity testing
  • Modular system design and construction, any area can be protected from small cabinets to large rooms
  • Flexible can be adapted to any change of use over time
  • Simple easy installation no piping, special supports, valves or pressure cylinders occupying valuable space


To hear more about our AF-X Fireblocker suppression systems email; REQUEST FIREBLOCKER LAUNCH PACK to and a product information pack will be sent out during the UK launch.

How does AF-X Fireblocker work? Blocks fire with a solid bound compound, upon the system’s activation the compound is transformed into tiny aerosol particles. These nanoparticles spread with lightning speed through the air like a dry mist. They combine with the so-called ‘free radicals’, the unstable oxygen and hydrogen molecules. This combination of aerosol particles with free radicals blocks the fire reaction. Hence the name AF-X Fireblocker. On top of this process, there is a cooling effect so combustible elements can no longer combine with oxygen.

AF-X Fireblocker (UK) Ltd., is responsible for managing and supporting the distribution of AF-X Fireblocker in the UK through a dedicated and accredited partner programme. All products are designed, developed and manufactured by AF-X International, and third party certified by KIWA testing, inspection and certification to all European and North American standards.